• AFP Opportunities

    Infrastructure Ontario uses an approach to modern project delivery called Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP).  The AFP model is guided by a government policy framework.  IO’s AFP approach is used for public sector projects with a capital cost over $100m or projects that involve significant risk and complexity.  IO works closely with public sector project owners and sponsors to deliver projects successfully in partnership with the private sector.

    A review of IO’s track record conducted as of March 2016 confirmed that 96 per cent of our completed projects were delivered on or below budget.  Seventy-three per cent of those projects were delivered on time or within a month of their scheduled completion date.

    Efforts are ongoing to continuously improve the approach to large and complex projects.  This included the refinement of the amount of private sector finance, the requirement for health and safety standards, enhancements to conflict of interest and ethical practices, introduction of local knowledge, updates to value for money guides and more.

    The approach used in Ontario to deliver large public infrastructure projects has continued to evolve, incorporating the fundamental principles of modern public infrastructure project delivery.  Over the last 10 years these best practices have served the public interest.

    Our AFP approach is a home-grown success story that has garnered international attention and has made Ontario a global leader in infrastructure development.  Over 50 international jurisdictions have visited Ontario to learn about our successful AFP model.

    IO’s AFP projects have won awards from world-recognized organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, the International Academy for Design & Health, and The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships.

    IO’s approach is to make available a significant amount of information  about AFP, while balancing the need for transparency and commercial confidentiality.  All disclosure is subject to FIPPA.